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Connective tissue disorder
"I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so I'm always hesitant about trying new things, but I wish I would have ordered the Plexus Wheels the day I saw them. They have already begun to make a difference in the alignment of my body. I've found nothing better than the mini for subluxed ribs!! Thank you so much for your product!!"
Kassady Oberacker
I LOVE these wheels
"Yesterday I received my order, last night I used the wheels off and on for 15 min sessions to stretch everything out slowly. I woke up this morning and it feels like I had a deep tissue massage! These wheels are amazing, expecially in a pair like this so you can do an inital stretch out and then get all the trouble spots. I will be bringing them into my work today to let everyone try them as they were as excited as I was. Thank you Plexus for an awesome product!"
Love it! Wish I had discover this a long time ago!
"Imagine waking up to stiffness and pain everyday in the morning and having that be the hinderance of your activities. That is what I used to live with everyday before the discovery of the plexus wheel. I workout, swim and was an athlete but having a dislocated shoulder and knee as well as sciatic pain and compression of the spine.. i could feel the result instantly after the first session. I am always a skeptic, but with the 100% money back guarantee.. what do you have to lose? Nothing but those pain, tightness, stiffness and aches! Being a nurse and always either on my feet all day or either siting all day in the office, stiffness, aches and pain has always been the result of long term chronic pain of my colleagues and mine. Having suffered years of chronic pain, slowly the plexus wheel over time, I know will get rid of those tightness and daily pains and aches. I am planning to start out using mine 3 times a day! "
love it!
"i love the medium wheel to roll out between my shoulder blades! "
brittan c.
"I really like the Plexus wheel pack, having the 3 sizes gives me options each time I use them. I do wish slightly more direction came with them. "
Kirsten J.
Great product!
"I am 5'11" and have mostly lower back pain. I have used all of the sizes and the Plexus wheels have helped me with my back pain to core strength. I have felt stronger in my legs and knees after using this product too. I had surgery about ten years ago on my knee and this product has relieved some of my knee pain as well. The smallest plexus roller, deep tissue, has helped me with soar muscles such as leg cramps or also known as a charlie horse. I have had family members try this and one goes to chiropractors regularly. The family member who goes regularly to chiropractors, thinks this product could solve her back issues. Family members who tried the Plexus wheels, said they would be interested in buying this for themselves. I recommend this product! The only concern I have is I hope the foam material stays on for a long time. I've had no concerns with it coming apart, I am just cautious of new products lasting a long time now a days. Items are not made the way they used to be. If the foam comes off maybe the company will provide a re-foaming material to attach to the Plexus wheel or a replacement of their product. A must buy if you have any back issues! Thank you for creating this product!"
Jonathan B.
Great for that deep stretch
"I work in an office so I sit almost all day. I noticed I was experiencing some back pain and headaches so I decided to try the Plexus Wheel to stretch out and it is awesome. It realigns my spine in all the right places and makes me feel less tight. It even helps my frequent headaches after releasing the tension from my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend this product!"
Georgia M.
I’m amazed!
"This product is one of the few exercises items that I bought that I actually use."
Nino L.
"Wonderful! Ordered for all my kids. They love them. Use them daily before and after the gym!"
kimberly B.
"has truly helped relieve back pain!"
Shelbi P.
Feels great
"It’s amazing the difference I felt with this product. It feels great "
Courtney M.
Perfect for Decompression everyday
"I had multiple disc herniation and was treated well but pain comes and go since i have started using plexus I am feeling much better and no pain."
Ravi R.
Great Stretch in the CT
"Have you watched the video? She really shows you how to work the CT. It is amazing!"
Hip Pain Gone!!!
"Well, I bought the entire set,(best value). The middle size wheel really did the trick. I started using it in the morning and before bed. Every time I could hear my spine pop into place. I never thought that a pain I had in my hip would magically go away. It did. I sit at a desk and on the edge of my chair a lot and started to get this sharp pain in my left hip,(like inside it) thought I needed to stretch more but that wasn’t helping. Now that I’m using the Plexus the pain is fairly there and getting better everyday. Amazing. Thank God I had made this purchase. It’s really helped me out. Shawn D. Saathoff"
shawn s.
Five Stars
"The Plexus wheel combo is fantastic. I use the big one to stretch and my wife uses the middle sized one. They really help loosen up our backs and other muscles as well. The small one is fantastic for rolling out knots and for helping with posture while sitting. "
Daniel K.
Snap Crackle Pop!
"Every time I use my wheels they provide relief in the spine and loosening up muscles. I start with the large and work my way down to the smallest for the deep tissue. Quite satisfying is the feeling you're left with. Keep calm and roll on!"
Colleen N.
wonderful and easy. great pain
"wonderful and easy. great pain reliever and way to work out muscle aches in hard to reach areas of the back and hips. wonderful on the IT bands!"
Audrey P.
This works!
"I have the smallest wheel and I stretch out my back with it every day, at least once. The relief I get when those little pops go off down my spine is awesome. "
S L.
"I had back pain for the last couple weeks and I was awaiting my Plexus Medium Wheel purchase to arrive. Literally as soon as I unboxed it, leaned back on it and rocked once - my back popped and I immediately felt instant relief! I am so happy with this product. I use it once daily to sort of keep my back aligned now and haven't had back problems since. No joke."
Brad R.
Saved my back from further damage!
"I LOVE my plexus wheel. Earlier this year I was hospitalized with severe back pain. At the age of 25 this was a terrifying experience; I thought I would never be the same again. Using this wheel has helped with the healing process and made me aware of my body's strengths/weaknesses. I recommend this to everyone I know and will soon order the small wheel for deep tissue."
Alexandra K.
"It was packed very cheaply in a plastic bag that was ripped up exposing the product. For $109 you could put your product in a box to protect like most companies do! I expected a description and pictures of exercises and strecthes for my back and hip and only 3 were shown. These are only for the large wheel not the medium or small. Not sure what to do with those. It didn't help my back or hips and made me nauseated when I laid on it with my head towards the ground as instructed on your handout. Very unhappy and will return it. Would appreciate if you could refund the shipping charge of $9.97. Thank you. "
Shamim U.
"So worth it to get all three!"
Stephanie B.
Superb product
"I tend to get self care items and then not use them very much. I use this very consistently because not only do I get relief I also notice my body is definitely more flexible. "
Theresa D.
"I couldn't wait to receive my 3-wheel pack! I tried it as soon as I got it and I LOVE IT!!!"
Sara R.
"Loved it. Could not love it more. "
Rachel M.
"one of the best products I have bought in years. I use it daily at the gym before and after my workouts"
Brian M.
Needed lots more padding for sore backs.
"I returned them because they hurt our backs more than helped. It needed at least 5 more inches of padding. The company issued my refund no problem. "
Teresa G.
"Helped my back out so much! 10/10 would recommend "
Allison C.
plexus 3 wheel pack
"works great on relaxing my thoracic muscles "
DeAnn B.
Standard wheel
"My back feels so good after using the wheel to stretch!"
Kathy F.
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