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"amazing, buy this product"
Patrick M.
Plexus 3 Wheel Pack.
"Love it! I Us it with my Personal Training Clients. They all like it too. It's great way to release tension in your upper and lower back. "
Jane C.
Gave them a try. LOVED them!
"This winter I decided to give these a shot. Since starting “office work" after college my back has started hurting significantly. Over the years I’d been to chiropractors and spent lots of money trying to get my back in better shape. When I got the 3 pack, I was a bit skeptical and thought to myself, “they have a return policy, I’ll just return it if I need to” But after using the wheels for the first time I knew I couldn’t return them. I use these every day. All 3 of them. They help reduce pressure in my compressed spine. They help relax the muscles along my spine. And, an unexpected benefit, they help me de-stress and relax. It's been so nice to take several quick 2-5 minute breaks a day to just roll on the wheels, decompress and relieve stress. I will say that my spine doesn’t “crack” every time. It’s a slow/gradual pressure release unlike when I go to the chiropractor and get my spine cracked there (which is sometimes painful). Over time my back has started feeling better and my core strength has started improving from years of sitting at a desk. Definitely recommend it. Bonus: My 1 year old rolls them around for fun."
"I love these products. My back loves these products! I use the standard wheel almost every day and it is amazing."
Kelly P.
Happy Back!
"My partner and I are both loving the plexus, we had been rolling out with foam rollers which felt good, but the plexus seems to support our backs better and stretches out points in our back that a foam roller can just not handle! We have the larger size and we are very different sizes but it works perfectly for both of us! I plan to take this to my trainer at my gym to check out!"
Amy G.
Great Stretch
"Good job at helping me stretch"
Wendy H.
The Plexus Wheel: Enter The Dungeons!
"My first impression of using the Plexus Wheel was like being subjected to some kind of medieval torture device in the King`s dungeons, but, once I got accustomed to it, it does adjust/manipulate my lower spine and provide relief. I also have an inversion table and my initial impression of that was the same as for the Plexus Wheel, and I grew to love it, as I have with my Plexus. The two of them combined, used daily, prevents painful and debilitating spinal tweekage. Here`s to the Plexus; Enter the dungeon and feel relief!"
Andrew Troutman
Game changers
"Love these things. I have an office job that was killing my back. A few minutes with these a couple times a week and I’m like new again. "
James C.
Love this product
"My back feels amazing. Best purchase ever"
Samantha C.
Great product
"Got the large & medium for my son for Christmas...he has chronic back problems from playing hockey when younger. He LOVES these and plans to add small one to his collection. Declares this product to be “life changing!” "
Can’t live without it!
"I don’t know how I lived without these wheels! Whenever my back is getting a little stiff or I feel like I am about to get a spasm, I roll on my wheel and Voila’! All better, instantly!"
A New Lease on My Life!!
"I have to say, I'm ready to be your chubby spokes-person. Well actually around Nothern Indiana, I already am! I was waking up every morning barely being able to move. That was after barely sleeping because I would wake up in pain. I tried everything: I was going to the chiropractor 1-2 times per week, I bought a phone wallet (making sure I discontinued sitting on my wallet), my partner and I even bought a new mattress (which we needed), but my back still hurt, and then thought maybe a new pillow. All of these actions helped, but I was still in a bit of discomfort on a daily basis. All until I made the investment for my "better- back" future. I have to admit, I wasn't sure the wheels were going to work, but I figured what do I have to lose, other than money. It took a few days to get over the initial soreness from the pressure of your spine being pressed into the wheel (no greater than how your **** would feel after riding a bike for the first time in a while), but I was amazed!! I had results within the first day. I "rolled out" three times that day. Each time having greater results than the first. I have better flexibility and my daily pain is almost non-existent. On days when I do feel some pain I "roll out" and carry on. I am so enthusiastic about your product, and what it has done for my life. I just can't thank you enough, and can't quit telling people about it. I give this product two enthusiastic thumbs up. I would give you more, but I only have two hands."
Joshua B.
"I love this product! It has saved my back!! I do hair and I’m on my feet anywhere from 10-12 hours a day.. one wrong move and my back would be done for. Since I’ve had the plexus I roll on it every night and it aligns my back and hips for me. Definitely a great product!!!"
Kimberly N.
A necessity in my life!
"I love my Plexus wheels! I work at a desk job, I even have a Standing desk, But every day after work the wheel is needed. It is amazing! And a must after long road trips as well!"
Wesley M.
No regrets
"Helpful, well made, I enjoy these wheels"
Julia O.
Plexus 3 wheel pack
"Greatest thing I have ever used. My back is so bad and nothing seemed to work The first time I used it I had great results so much so I took it to work when my back stiffened up and a few of my co-workers used it and we amazed how good their backs felt. My aunt who sees a chiropractor bought the set of three too and she hasn't been back to the chiropractor since!! I am a ER nurse and on my feet for 12 hours a night so this has help bunches. Thanks for your great product !!"
Misty M.
In my opinion.....
"I think it’s well made, but wish I had gotten the smaller one. I would benefit from the deeper pressure. I show your video to friends, because I think it’s a riot. My friend’s a chiropractor and he roared at the point where your spokesman farts during his alignment. Very well done. I hope your doing well. It’s a fine product. "
Barbara B.
Plexus deep pressure
"Great experience really works well..."
Idania V.
Provides relief- less chiro appts
"My family uses the wheels almost daily for tension and pain -from lower to upper back pain relief."
My back says "Aaaaah"
"I use the largest size wheel to loosen up the tension that I have in my back. I like to play a slow song on my phone, roll out my yoga mat for extra grip and then lie down. I gently and slowly roll back and forth for the duration of the song to stretch my back. I feel renewed every time and it even lifts my spirits after a crappy day at work. We all know what that is like, don't we? Best purchase I have ever made. Don't ask about it. Just TRY IT!"
Weslica J.
"Oh this came in handy just when I wanted to purchase my 3 pack. Very easy to use. Great for gifts. "
Yovonda T.
Tremendous relief
"I use all three sizes! They have become part of my daily routine. The Plexus rollers have provided new ways for me to stretch out my body. As a migraine sufferer, I’m tired of taking medications and dealing with side effects. Being able to find vices that provide relief are so important! I recommend Plexus wheels to everyone! "
Jennifer C.
Different than anything else
"I like the narrowness of the rollers. They fit right where you need them to be, to open up your chest. Having 3 different sizes means you get just the stretch you need as well."
Laura M.
Instant relief
"This wheel cracks my back effortlessly in all the right places. If I am feeling out of whack I get the wheel out and in less than a minute I am feeling better!"
Emily K.
Feels so good!
"I use the deep tissue wheel to help with low back pain. What I found was I felt low back relief when I actually focused the wheel on my glutes and hip muscles. I spend about three minutes a day with my wheel and the results have really impressed me! "
Annie D.
happy customer
"I love them and use everyday! awesome product~!!"
Rie W.
Solid Product
"The small wheel is great for putting that curve back in your neck and relaxing your traps, if you just lay back on it like a pillow for about 10 minutes. The normal wheel is great for bigger stretches."
Janeale D.
Really helps
"At first I was skeptical about the product, it didn't seem to really work. After watching the videos though and trying it again now I'm a believer! I even got my husband to try them instead of me walking on his back every night! For me it helps my shoulders and pain I have in between them. I even took the smallest one to work to help with my posture when sitting down. I'm so glad I took the chance to give them an honest try, I love them!"
Kristin R.
Made in heaven
"I’m a normal civilian. I’m not a yogi, nor a human machine. I go to the gym maybe twice or three times a week for a hiit or barre class. So I was definitely overwhelmed by the three different sizes and how many different options each unique wheel offered as a tool. I’m a nurse and started to develop some sciatica pain shooting down my left leg. I incorporated the wheels along with my stretches before and after each 12-hr shift. And honestly, I was completely healed in literally 1.5 weeks! I was so encouraged. Now I only have one wheel, because I gave two of them away to friends with chronic back pain. So far I’ve gotten good responses. I was waiting for my acupressure mat, that never came... but I found one similar and oh my goodness. I am a believer!! "
Grace S.
"I use each one as needed. I like them but I feel they cost to much for what I got. Would I buy again mostly not . If they were $ 25.00 for the set and shipping . Yes I would . But I paid I think about $75.00. "
Sarah F.
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